Because Life Is Better without Restrictions

New Generation Devices (NGD) understands the importance of choice—the last thing you or your patient needs is to be limited, either by cost or by the devices themselves. NGD helps veterinary surgeons find the right balance between what's best for your patients and your business, with innovative, cost-effective orthopedic technologies that offer unmatched intraoperative flexibility and integrate seamlessly into your approach.

Having introduced the first veterinary-specific locking plates to the industry in early 2004, NGD offers the most comprehensive line of Dual Compression Locking Plate Systems on the market. All of our plates feature our patented dual compression locking technology for unmatched locking screw placement versatility. And our unique drill guide and screws also allow our plates to work seamlessly with your current plating instruments and approach, making integration simple and affordable. In addition, NGD offers numerous technologies that allow you to operate smarter, including CollaVET®, a resorbable Type-1 collagen-based implant that supports the four phases of healing and make it an effective matrix for localized drug delivery and Citrate-BP our Citrate-Based Biomaterial that is the biomimetic future of bone and soft tissue healing and regeneration.

Smart Innovation,
Seamless Integration

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