Specialty Trays & Caddies
Specialty Trays & Caddies



Ideal for TPLO and basic plating procedures:


  • Modular screw caddies hold 2.7mm Cortex, 2.7mm Locking, 3.5mm Cortex, 3.5mm Locking, 4.0mm Locking, and 4.0mm Cancellous bone screws.
  • State-of-the-art graphic outlined instrument tray holds all the necessary instrumentation for these procedures.
  • Large auxiliary space below leaves room for jigs and ancillary instruments/implants.


Manufactured out of 18-gauge stainless steel for strength and durability.
First instrument case of its kind designed specifically for the veterinary orthopedic surgeon.

State-of-the-art instrument tray design:


  • Allows for customization to increase practice efficiency
  • Eliminates the need for mini and small fragment instrument sets


Screw caddies:



  • Equipped with screw gauges to measure screws in the case
  • Removable lids secure screws in their location should the case be dropped.
  • Thread gauges allow for opportunity to distinguish sizes.
  • Screw inventory customization provides ample room to customize screw inventory for
    frequency of use.


Silk screened graphic outlining of box, caddies and trays allows for easy placement of instruments and implants.

Autoclavable rubber mat in auxiliary space protects instruments and devices.

Box dimensions 15” X 7” X 4 1/8”
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