Offset Evolution TPLO Plate™ (Patent Pending)
Offset Evolution TPLO Plate™ (Patent Pending)
  • Optimized to allow an ideal proximal osteotomy.
  • Centralizes screw placement on the tibial shaft by conforming to the organic caudally curved shape of the normal canine proximal tibia.
  • Parallel screw application above and below the osteotomy.
  • Redesigned proximal segment maximizes screw hole separation to spread the holes over the largest area while still maintaining a small footprint that can be placed using ideal proximal osteotomy location.
  • Provides the theoretical largest resistance to osteotomy subsidence (loss of leveling).
  • Pre-contoured.
  • Assuring all screw placement parallel to the joint surface (unless patient has a severe proximal tibial valgus) making joint penetration almost impossible.
  • Allowing removal of medial buttress or leaving of buttress while maintaining close apposition of the distal segment and assuring screw remain parallel to the joint surface essentially eliminating the risk of joint penetration.
  • Allowing concurrent treatment of medial patella luxation, a common co-existing condition in our patient population, using medial tibial plateau translation.
  • Patent Pending

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