Evolution TPLO Plate™ (Patent Pending)
Evolution TPLO Plate™ (Patent Pending)
  • Optimized to allow an ideal proximal osteotomy.
  • Centralizes screw placement on the tibial shaft by conforming to the organic caudally curved shape of the normal canine proximal tibia.
  • Parallel screw application above and below the osteotomy.
  • Redesigned proximal segment maximizes screw hole separation to spread the holes over the largest area while still maintaining a small footprint that can be placed using ideal proximal osteotomy location.
  • Provides the theoretical largest resistance to osteotomy subsidence (loss of leveling).
  • Pre-contoured
  • Patent Pending
Radiographs by Dr. Mark Daye Akron Ohio

  • Here is a dog with 8 week post-ops and a 3.5 mini Evolution TPLO Plate.
  • Osteotomy gap is healed with minimal proliferation and no loss of intended rotation.
  • Fits really nice.
Patent Pending
2.0mm 2.4mm
2.7mm 3.5mm
Mini 3.5mm Broad 3.5mm

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