Universal Osteotomy Jig (UOJ)
Universal Osteotomy Jig (UOJ)
The New Generation Devices Universal Osteotomy Jig (UOJ) is designed to provide the surgeon with a jig with the greatest amount of flexibility for use with a large range of plate sizes. As plate selection has increased and saw blade sizes range from 8mm to 33mm, large, one-size jigs are no longer able to adjust to the smaller bone and plate needs. The NGD Universal Osteotomy Jig adjusts for plate sizes from 2.0mm up to 3.5mm Jumbo TPLO plates. The unique design of the jig arms allows for the jig to be adjusted so that smaller pins and tighter placement are possible. In addition, the specially designed pin holes can properly accommodate smaller 1/16” and 3/32" pins for use with smaller plates, but still hold 1/8” pins for larger bones. In addition, due to the flexibility of adjustment, the jig can be used for other indications, including wedge cuts for a Distal Femoral Osteotomy. No instruments are required for use with the Jig since all adjustment and tightening points can be made by hand.
  • The New Generation Devices Universal Osteotomy Jig is indicated for use for temporary support and positioning of bone segments during the creation of a crescentic, wedge, transverse or other type of osteotomy.
  • The Universal Osteotomy Jig is contraindicated for use as a long-term fixation device.
Design Features:
  • The UOJ can be used for a large range of osteotomy types, including but not limited to wedge, transverse or crescentic, and plate sizes ranging from 2.0 UCP to 3.5 Jumbo UCP and 2.0 DFO to 3.5 Broad DFO.
  • Arms can handle a large range of pin sizes; however, they have been specifically designed to accommodate the popular 1/16", 3/32” and 1/8” pins.
  • No tools are required; all adjustments can be made by hand.
  • Jig can be adjusted closer or farther from the osteotomy site due to multiple options for arm placement.
The jig has been specially designed to handle osteotomies of all sizes while maintaining a rigid and sturdy construct. The ease and simplicity of moving the arm positions allows the jig to be properly adjusted to meet the delicate nature of small bones and small plates while still allowing for the appropriate span for larger plates. All adjustment points can be made by hand; therefore, the jig can be properly aligned with minimal effort. Due to the multiple positioning points, specific pin positioning is left up to the operating physician.
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