Perfection Through Practice

NGD has partnered with industry leader Epica in introducing an innovative, economical and cost effective solution for surgeons to perfect challenging surgical procedures.

Surgeons provide us with CT scans of a bone/joint/deformity and we will recreate it using state of the art 3D printing technology to produce an exact replica, allowing the surgeon to plan and, if required, rehearse complex procedures without incurring huge additional costs for the practice or the client. Our 3D technology system also provides realistic and accurate bone and joint copies for surgical teaching and training courses.

We have a database of models that can be ordered online.

For more information call our 3D team at 1-800-797-8587

Help Us Help You.

3D Scanning and Submission Requirements:

In order to accomplish our goal of providing you with the best possible results we need a little help from you. Detailed below is a list of what is important for the scan to reflect:

  • Clear distinction between the bone and flesh
  • Limited scatter within the non-bone areas of the dog
  • High Quality scan data

Printing Submission Requirements
What part of the extremity is needed to be printed?
What is the print going to be used for?

  • Pre-op surgery practice?
  • Simple display?
  • To not be cut into but assist with surgery?

What is the needed turnaround time?

Scan Requirements
Conventional CT cannot shoot at the resolution an Epica system can. Pay attention to Field of View (FOV), technique and positioning.

The user needs to adhere to the following to ensure a quick, precise and economical print;

  • DICOM File
  • Must use a hard filter
  • Sufficient mAS
  • High resolution, preferably 150 or 200 microns (0.15 or 0.2mm).
  • Standard FOV
  • Bring joint’s to ISO center

Baseline Pricing
Pricing and submission portal coming soon.

For prints longer than 7” to 8" we would recommend splitting the print into two separate pieces (preferably at the joint) for smaller prints to reduce costs slightly & ensure print quality and completion. The larger the print, the longer the process, the higher the likelihood for something to happen resulting in compromised print quality.

If extensive clean-up is necessary of the study additional fees may apply. Customer will be notified ahead of time for approval to proceed if additional clean-up is necessary.

Any questions regarding 3D scanning or any other NGD product please call the NGD team on 1 800 797 8587.

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